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Airrattle Reviews

At, we strive to provide the best selection of airsoft guns and gear while providing unmatched customer service. Below you can read our past reviews. If you�re wishing to creat an airrattle review, please submit all website customer reviews to: [email protected]

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying!

Kaila Clarke:This was my 1st time ordering from your site and sort of stumbled across it when looking for a more cost effective site to purchase my new plate carrier. After typing the product code in google, your site was one of the first, and few, to pop up. I quickly realized your site had the absolute best price (ANYWHERE) for this plate carrier and I couldn't be more happy! I was only going to purchase the plate carrier and perhaps a mag pouch or two but after seeing that you are one of the great airsoft companies that offers FREE Shipping, I decided to indulge a bit more and hiked my order up to get myself well into the FREE Shipping range. I half expected the FREE Shipping to be a very slow or lousy service. To my ecstatic demise, you shipped with FedEx Home Delivery which took only 4 days to arrive to my location! All said and done, you guys received my order very late in the evening, shipped it first thing in the morning (less than 24 hours to ship) with a reputable shipping courier, do not charge me tax (because I'm in CA), and can get a package to me in 4 days or less with 100% accuracy of my contents... My hat is off to you guys! I could not be more pleased with this purchase and all the items I received. Again, this was only meant to be a short THANK YOU but it turns out I seem to be a bit more passionate about great customer care and order accuracy than I imagined. THANK YOU,A very pleased 1st time customer who WILL be ordering with you again.


William Krieg: have to say that your customer service is hands down, the best I have come across in my airsoft purchases and it is a delight to do business with you. This is my second purchase and I could not be happier with every part of this transaction.

Parker Lynch: Thank you guys for your great quality, service, airsoft gear, and shipping. I even got compliments on my gun. And i still am recommending you guys and got my friends to buy guns to. And nice shipping. Thank you guys for your great services and reliability.

Ryan Howat: You have a damn fine employee. Twice I have contacted online support and twice Kevin has been AMAZING help. I would tip this guy if I could! Kevin wasted NO TIME in assisting me, his help was accurate, fast, and VERY friendly! You guys don't bluff when it comes to having the best customer service! I think you can expect a VERY large purchase from me, AND my airsoft group in the future... Because I'm telling EVERYONE about your business. Thanks! Please let Kevin know that "Ryan Howat" gave him a good review!

Zakk Hill: THANK YOU AIRRATTLE!!!!!! I ordered a M4 AEG 3181 and I absolutely LOVE IT! Before I bought the gun I emailed Airrattle asking a few questions about it and they answered within an HOUR. 6 days after I ordered the gun I received it well packaged and ready to go. Good prices, good guns and EXCELLENT service what more could you ask for. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AIRRATTLE!!!

John Whelan: I strongly recommend this site.I ordered a gun on Sunday evening,and received it on Tuesday at 11 am.phenomenal time,and gun was in excellent shape when it arrived.Thanks airrattle.I will buy anything you have that I need in the future.

Pam Hartel: We bought our item on Sunday night and received it on Wednesday that same week!!! I've never received anything that fast. My hats off to you GREAT JOB!!!

Bruce Andersen: Great website i got my gun and love it. the revolver i received was better than my friends from airsp---.

John Geoppinger: Super fast shipping, Great communication. Awesome products and prices. Airrattle is my new go-to source for airsoft

Michael Pinto: I got the item I ordered and right on time. This rifle is sweet! Thanks airrattle!!!

Ken Han: Wow! Super fast shipping and the gun is amazing! My JG mp5 is wayyyyy better then any other guns I got from other websites!

COLLIN: You guys rock! your prises are amazing I would of bought 2 spring M16s with the lasers I would have to pay $50 but with you guys I pay only $30

Adam Tabor: You guys are awesome, i love your guns and the pries. Keep up the good work. P.S. i really like the green gas guns you offer, awesome

Jensen krejci: I haven't bought anything yet but this website has the best airsoft guns i,v seen so far!me and my freind cant stop looking at this website!!!

Alen Dunat: OMG great fast shipping, i ordered my gun Friday night and i got it on Tuesday evening great job this gas eg arms 1911 with 330 fps is great high quality at low prices giving everyone a chance to play i look forward to buying more products off this site!

Hugh G.: I ordered the same A&K M4 that my friend got for $120! Here, I got it for around $85! THANK YOU SO MUCH

Bob Stephens: i bought 2 hfc m-190 full metal-full auto,green gas,blowback pistols from airrattle last month at a gun show.those two airsoft guns are fantastic!im looking forward to future purchases from airrattle...thanks for the great products and service.

Ian Kolbinskie: i really recommend this website.its great i love i will always buy from hear. airrattle thanks your the best airsoft company every

Trey Norwood: I ordered my gun on Thursday and really excited to get it i ordered one of the custom guns and paid only 179 dollars when if i ordered it on another site it would have cost me 3 to 4 hundred dollars

Randy Maynard: Bought M4 rifle from air rattle rep at local gun show. Great to talk to and really worked with me on best gun for my needs. Thanks for your time and help.

Brett: AWESOME PRICE'S. Thank You So Much!

Anson Gallegos: i received my order today. shipping was awesome,products and price are great. i will defiantly order again soon and tell friends

Coleman Spencer: Great low prices beautiful shipping time was only 3 to 4 days on all of my orders I've made. Awsome airsoft website definitely the best I have ever seen.

Savouth Mao: The prices are amazing! Products are as described, and incredibly fast shipping. Thanx AirRattle!

Jake Ficker: this site kicks! I just bought a gun, and it cost me very little. And the gun came with lots of stuff.

Jake Wilson: Great Product and SUPER FAST shipping! The next time we need supplys or guns, we'll go w/ AIR RATTLE! ~Thanks

Josh Cravey: The prices for this place are simply amazing, I couldn't find a better deal anywhere on the internet and the guns are great, too!

Garrett: yr saws look really good i have been looking for the best guns ever this in no dout the best site in the worlds

Jarrett: I bought an M16 A1 for 80 dollars w\ shipping and handling, and the gun came within three days and its awesume. thanks airrattle!

Warren Washburn: The m16 was great i love it thanks air rattle i will defenentaly buy from you again. THANKS

David Hatfield: thank you for the prompt delivery of my order i really appreciate it, good service is hard to find these days thanks

Dylan Harvard: The greatest and cheapest airsoft website on the web. Better than the rest.

Raymond Starbuck: It took me a while to find a site that is reasonable for what you are paying for. This site give's you EXCELLENT product for 2/3 of the price. You have my business from now on. If your reading this, you have found the bottom dollar. Believe me, these guys are the cheapest! And as for the product, It's the BEST!

Matt: Out of all the airsoft websites i've seen yours is the best. The best prices for the metal gearbox guns at least. I haven't bought anything yet but I am planning to.

Yousef Pixler: i am realy happy with my gun i got a custom sniper and always beat my friends

Alex: they're are great guns for great prices

Liam: THe prices are awesome.

Stevie Light: i love this website the only thing i would do to this site is get a phone number so we can contact to u guys quicker but over all it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam H.: Great site. Amazing prices can't beat em. Really fast shipping. I recommend this site for any airsoft player

Bentley Nieto: This is a great store low prices I would say this is the top airsoft gun store

Alfred Leach: OMG i LOVE YALL soooooooooo mutch you are the best airsoft website i have ever seen i love the titaniom scar i bought HATS OFF TO YALL and SUPERFASST SSSSHHIIPPIIN i recommend this site to anyone who loves airsoft

Ben Nieto: This is a good store. I bought the Thompson m1 a1 and it is the best just like the one in WW2 this is the best airsoft gun store. thank you airrattle u guys are the best. Now i will be the best in our airsoft battles with my friends. You Rock AIRRATTLE

James: Wow this is my favorite airsoft site in the world great prices, better selection, and it doesn't take weeks just for your airsoft gun to come in!

Anthony: this site is amazing me and my friend collect airsoft rifles we bought 10 rifles for 150$ and work perfectly and they ship really fast

Tyler: i have never seen a website with such great guns prices and shipping

Wesley: this is awesome!!!!! I GOT A GUN THAT WAS 30$ ON AIRSOFTMEGAST---.COM FOR 15$!!! thank you airrattle i am looking forward to your fast shipping and great guns and service next time!

Brett Favre: this is a good store thank you guys at airrattle i was playing with my friends in Mississippi and i was really enjoyed with my Thompson thank you Airrattle

Travis Dorsch: I ordered a CYMA CM028 on Wednesday night at 9 o clock. It arrived via fedex at 10:00 Friday morning!!! The gun was incredible too!!

Wells Williamson: best site ever i bought an ak-47 that was 114$ at -icks for only 20$ this site rox

Creed: I havent bought anything off of here YET but i will because my friend bought the Ak47 and hes unstoppable IM going to hopefully buy the ak74s

Tyler: just got my AK47 in the mail today! I ordered it on Monday and got it Thursday! pronominal shipping time

Michael McKeen: this web sight seems very secure and i feel like i wont waste money and the weapons that my friend ordered was so beast dood i got murked

Jacob Jine: dood holy .... i got murked so bad with my friend that ordered a weapon from this websight and like i didn't stand a chance and my frind sucks two so i strongly recamend this web sight for those people who want a weapon that murks everyone and wants to win airrattle ftw

J.T. Eades: I ordered a metal gearbox ak-47 and it was rated to go 350-380 FPS and i tested it on a chronograph and it goes 460 FPS. Very impressed. this website has the best prices and guns.

Jose Ramos: The prices on the site are UNBELIEVABLE. They beat top site prices. I give shipping five stars.

Perkins: this is the best airsoft place you can go. it has great guns for super cheap prices. And everything you need to win an airsoft fight

Derek: awesome guns beast and exceptionally fast shipping

Mat: I enjoyed my gun a lot and it worked perfectly. Thank you airrattle

Devin Marshall: i am ordering an m4 with great fps and a 5000 round box mag WITH 12000 bbs under $200 thank you air rattle

Nick Ciavattone: i bought three guns from them and then went to other stores and compared the prices this is the only place i know that sell durable gun at a great price. i recommend the M3 shotgun they have for a cheap hard shooting gun.


Jon: wow your site has good prices. I haven't purchased a gun here yet but i am planning to buy a gun off this website.

Ian Fahres: I agree with all of the customer statements my one complaint is that Product reviews would be nice. I found some on other sites but I will order here because of good customer site feedback and prices.

Bradley: wow! your price are more than 50% lower than anything at my local stores!!!!! next time i need anything im going strait to, all my friends shop here to! BETTER GUNS FOR LOWER PRICES!

Top Gunners Airsoft Club: Please Enter Feedback Here.: Anuone who wants to join a airsoft group who lives in Maryland can join the Top Gunners. We are an airsoft club who participates in airsoft. We are located in Maryland. If you want to join contact us. [email protected]

Carrkie: i was really happy with the way my kwc co2 pistol and green gas uzi are working there doing work and i am kicking ---

Jimmy Whiting: I absolutely LOVE the JG VSR 10 sniper rifle with scope that airrattle shipped to me. It is in supreme condition and is the most amazing gun i've ever had in my own hands. Thank you airratle and keep up the good work!!!

Eric: I ordered My gun on Monday and received it on Thursday at 1:00 Great time

Carly: i love this place. it's the best.

Jose: Great site my.. cheapest sit out there with best service keep up the good work

Joe: awesome website it has fast shipping and the prices are always beatable!best site if your looking to pay less for more fun and high fps!

Robert Mchigh: i just got my gun from airrattle (german broom handle spring pistol) i gotta say this gun is great...of all the places i went to airrattle was by far the best THANKS AIRRATTLE!!!

Jeff Cogswell: Placed my order on a Saturday, and it was at my house on Wednesday. Compared to other online stores Air rattle is on top of things! My order was exactly what they advertised. And their prices seem reasonable to me,I will be placing more orders in the future.

Adem: I ordered my aeg on Wednesday. Got home Thursday night and it was there??? well done.

Mark: great gun, great price thanks!!!!!!!

Derian Silva: ive ordered an m14 and a bolt action sniper about 3 years ago and still the guns work like the day i got em

Ralph Richardson: Great site,cheap prices,the best quality

Brandon Kristy: airrattle has the best prices ever.iv never seen these good guns so cheap!!!!i'm doing my shopping here from now on!thanks for the m870 shell action shotgun.

Derek Gremminger: Thank you so much! I got a nice airsoft gun at a great price and now i can own all my friends with it Thank you so much!

Ralph: Got my M16, sweet rifle

Reggie: this web site is sooooo official.i ordered a spring powered mp40 for a very low price!!!!!airrattle has my bisness in the futur

Jonah Espinoza: I i put in my order of my new M58A pump action shotgun and received it in 2 days THANX AIRRATTLE!!!! I've never been happier!

Jay Nosbisch: Your prices are too good to be true its amazing! I just orderd two guns off your site for 200$ and if i got both off any other site it would have been 300+. I am telling all my friends that i play airsoft with to buy from your site.

Gavin: the prices are ubelevibel

Jack Pearsons: They are fast and incredibly great prices on everything. I pretty much buy just from them now.

Robert: This website rules! I ordered my ak-47 Sunday and got it Saturday, then went to an airsoft place for the first time the next day. Gun performed great, ammo was top-notch, and I was all-around pleased. Highly recommend this site!!!!!!! THANX AIRRATTLE!!!! I've never been happier!

Blake Porter: I am so pleased with my results using this website everything was perfect, THE PRICES ARE SO UNBELIVABLY CHEAP!! great shipping time to

Josh Booher: i love this website and i dont think you can find any cheaper prices on earth, they also have super fast shipping

Will: One of the best websites ever you will get your gun very fast. The guns come well package and very accurate.

Robert Dustin: i just wanted to thank you guys for carrying some bad a$$ guns i just got my m5-s6 gun today and i am physched the shipping was quick and this gun decimates thank you this is my 4th gun through your site and it definately will not be my last.

Elliott Hyde: I ordered the Kar98k from here and other websites wanted me to pay $160 plus shipping. I found it here for $99, the gun works great and the shipping is fast deffinatly ordering from airrattle in the future!

Austin Miller: I ordered the new Double Eagle M804a2 and it is great. it is accurate, it is fast, and it has a great rate of fire. I can pull 5" groups at 50 feet while moving, and it pulls about 305 FPS when chronoed with .20 gram bbs. The only problem i had was the stock wiggling loose, but super glue fixed that in a few minutes

Skyler: -I love you guys my friend ordered a gun the day i played a battle with him. The next 3 days his gun was there! Now i was looking at other sites I came to this one and here I saw the best prices ever! I looked at airspl-- the prices were up in the hundreds but now here each gun is about 25.00 that I am going to get keep on bringing new guns and keep up the good work Airrattle!

Tammy Harrison: I just got the gun and its GREAT!!!I thought it would be flimsy but its stout thank for making it great!!!

Zachary Brown: Thank you so much, cant wait to show up my buddys.Thought your website was great and will be promoting to my buddys for sure. Thanks again for all the quick responses

Janet Smith: Airattle, I have just recieved my order you sent me, an echo 1 p90 and the free t-shirt. The gun is great and the T-shirt is awesome.

Benjamin Stern: I just recently received my gun (KS P90) from your website and I have to say it is great. The shopping was a quick and easy experience and this site was by far the best I looked at. The stuff shipped quickly and was in perfect condition.

Jonathan Hales: Cheap Guns, Reliable Guns, Awesome customer Service, And a Friendly Site! Other Than That The Only comment I Must Say, Is would you Be Able to Put in USPS Or UPS in the shipping Choices? Because if You Did, that Would Make it Cheaper And Faster. But Believe Me, I Have Recommended This Site To All Of My Facebook buddies, All Of My Airsoft Friends, And Everyone Around Me that Plays Airsoft! ROCKS!

Rhonda & Jim: Thank you for a perfect transaction. WE ordered two Airsoft AEGs for our two grandsons' birthdays from another internet source. Loved the price, hated t he customer service. One gun worked the other didn't. We spent over $50 in shipping on the broken gun, received a credit for less than the cost of one the one gun that didn't work and this took a month. Our grandson was heartbroken. WE were so relieved when we received his gun from you so quickly and it worked perfectly. Thank you! --

Drake Riley: Thanks I would just like you to know that I have fallen in love with my gun and the your site is the best in deaals and quality

Anthony Reed: Thank you very much! I just received the first package and am loving my new rifle! now to wait for another paycheck...

Tyler W.: Thanks for everything you really have great prices and I love doing business with you.

Craig E. Wilson: Airrattle Guys, Thank you so much! My son, Cameron, loves the M4 Carbine he ordered from your site. It has been a great gun to have and it has a much higher level of construction compared with the guns available in our local stores. We'll definitely order from Airrattle again.

Jared Stevenson: Airrattle is the best airsoft website i have ever bought guns from. Their service is great. I have never had problems with them. Airrattle has some of the best guns on the market and for very low inexpensive prices. No other website matches Airrattles prices, their quality guns, and great service.

Vic DeSio: We were very pleased with the customer service at airrattle. We had a return situation which was handled quickly and professionally. We'll certainly use them again and recommend them to others. Thanks again airrattle!

Alba Jimenez: As a future customer, I first want to admit that the website has given me the best satisfaction in selling products online.

Tommy Cook: I just found your site a few days ago and I just had to say my comment is that your website should be easier to find. I have probably 12 + hrs spent searching airsoft sale sites and honestly I have to say has The best prices I have seen on any other site, not just on a couple guns, but everything I have seen on other sites, on top of that your selection is outstanding! My only regret is not finding this site sooner.

Stacy Lloyd: We received our order yesterday and must say you made my son very happy....He had asked for an airsoft for Christmas - as I knew very little about these - I ordered one from ----- at a VERY low price - needless to say we were both very disappointed Christmas morning - I cannot even begin to explain what a piece of junk this was....all plastic- pellets will not load and it doesn't even shoot - so with the help of my son and the advice of some of his friends' moms we found your site - your product seems top quality and Benjamin - my son - is very pleased - by the way - I figured out why I could not locate my order initially - I omitted a letter when I entered my e-mail on the initial order - sorry - my mistake - thank you again for your great product - I will surely recommend this sight too anyone I know who is interested ....

Pete: Excellent service from air rattle! This is the best place to buy high quality, cheap, airsoft stuff and guns!-fast shipping-great service-great gun and parts-great prices-great selection of any airsoft needs!The list goes on and on! Thanks air rattle!

Curiss: thank you are the best airsoft website ever, thank you!