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Tactical Flashlights and Lasers

Using flashlights and lasers is the only way to be safe and effective during a night mission. offers a wide range of hand-held and mountable flashlights and lasers for your airsoft experience. We have flashlights from all of the major airsoft manufacturers like Swiss Arms, VFC, NCStar, and 5.11 Tactical. Whatever you’re looking for, has it.

Flashlights and Lasers in an Airsoft Event

Flashlights are as much for safety as they are for anything. Many people don’t want to run a night mission with a flashlight as they fear it will give away their position. The simplest solution for this is to have 2 flashlights. One has normal operation that you use to get around when you’re in garrison or when doing CQC in an extraction or building raid simulation. The second flashlight is the one that you’re going to want to have when you’re on a night operation. You need to see where you’re going but don’t want the enemy to see you before you see them. For this light, you’ll want to cover the lens with a dark purple cellophane sheet. This creates a blackout effect which will still allow you to see where you’re going, but significantly reducing how visible you are to the enemy.

Barrel-mounted lasers are great for quick target acquisition, but lasers can also be used to point out a target to your squad mates. Just put the red dot on your target and let your team fire away. If you’ve had the chance to scout the area and know which order the targets need to be taken, everything becomes much more coordinated for everyone.