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Eye, Face and Head Protective Gear

The first priority in airsoft is safety. Eyewear and head protection are key to staying safe in this sport. has everything you need. Whether it’s a full face mask, helmet, a face and neck wrap, or some goggles, come to us for all of your protective equipment. We supply only the highest quality items from well-known manufacturers such as Condor, Lancer Tactical, ESS, and more.

Eye and Head Protection in an Airsoft Event

Many people prefer to wear goggles but it’s our recommendation to wear a full-face mask for the additional coverage. If you opt for goggles, you’ll also need to wear a face wrap. Additionally, you will need some kind of anti-fog spray on your goggles unless you’re using mesh eye protection. If you can’t see during the event, you’ll be at risk and put your squad at risk as well.

Full face masks are great for protection because of the full coverage that you gain. Mesh eye protection is favored because of the lack of fogging. Mesh doesn’t protect against anything much smaller than a BB, so the choice is up to you.

Some people prefer to wear a helmet, especially during a Military Simulation (MILSIM). Our recommendation is that you should always wear a helmet during an airsoft event. Once again, making safety the first priority, the head should always stay protected from impacts in the field.