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Scopes and Sights for Airsoft Guns

If you want better accuracy and faster aiming, you’re going to want to have either a scope or a reflex sight mounted on your airsoft gun. offers all of the scopes and sights for rifles and pistols. Most of these products can also be used on real guns. We carry all of the major manufacturers such as AMP, G&G, NcSTAR, AIM Sports, and UTG.

Scopes and Sights in an Airsoft Event

If you’re heading to an airsoft event, our main recommendation is that you should be using a reflex sight with red and/or green dot targeting unless you’re going as a sniper. This allows for quick target acquisition. In an event, speed is critical and the reflex sight will assist with that.

Scopes are mostly for snipers and other long range guns. You’ll get pinpoint accuracy with a high power scope. Most scopes have dials for windage and elevation adjustments. Before heading to an event, we recommend sighting your optic in using these dials to insure precise aiming.