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VIP Airsoft

With over 19,000 of arena area and 30 rooms, VIP airsoft is considered the premier indoor airsoft venue in Arizona. VIP offers summer camps, a pizza and nacho concession stand, summer camps, and themed lock-ins. There are always referees on site to ensure safe and fair gameplay.

VIP Airsoft Official Press Release

VIPAirsoft is Arizona's premier and largest indoor airsoft arena. 19,000sqft of fun and excitement for all ages! VIPAirsoft is a family owned company that focuses on providing quality service in a quality environment to players of all ages and skill levels. Our indoor CQB arena complete with three 2-story towers, a 2-story bridge, hallways, and individually themed rooms allow for basic fun or high-intensity gameplay!

Our indoor arena offers a chance for players to get active in mission style game play in a safe and monitored environment. We provide rental and safety equipment as well as host parties, team builders, fundraisers, airsoft clubs, law enforcement training and summer camps. For more information on airsoft, hours, pricing and events, visit our website at