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Florida Airsoft Fields

Combat City

Combat City actually has two locations within the Greater Orlando Metropolitan Area. There is a 100-acre outdoor field in Orlando, and a 40,000 square foot indoor CQB arena in Winter Park. Both fields are open on Saturday and Sunday, regardless of weather. You can also enjoy in the indoor arena on Fridays as well. This field is used for law enforcement and military training, so you know that when you go, you�ll be in a situation as close as you can be to the real deal. In addition to party rentals, Combat City also offers training with real steel guns and simunition for civilians.

Miami Airsoft

With 25,000 square feet available for airsoft events, Miami Airsoft packs a lot of action into a small area. They have full buildings, vehicles, elevated platforms, and even small shacks that are all available to make use of within the scenarios. The attention to detail that was used in the construction of this arena, in addition to their flexible hours and non-stop action during events make Miami Airsoft a top pick for airsoft operators in Florida.

Florida Airsoft Teams

Black Cobra Airsoft

Black Cobra Airsoft is a unique team in that where most are concerned about their airsoft guns or their gear, but BCA is all about tactics. Not to say that they don�t have nice guns and gear, but those are secondary and tertiary to the time they put into learning the sport. This team is known in Florida as a force to be reckoned with, even though they have only 6 people on their team.