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Illinois Airsoft Fields

Bing Field Paintball and Airsoft Park

Bing Field Paintball and Airsoft Park is over 20 acres of paintball and airsoft fun. On their huge field, they have wooded areas, as well as CQB and urban areas. Their reputation for being a great field with a low cost has made it an often-rented venue for special events, such as birthdays, bachelor parties, and church functions. Their premier event every year is Operation Dark Harvest, which happens close to Halloween.

Black Ops Airsoft

Located just north of Chicago, near the Wisconsin/Illinois border is Black Ops Airsoft in the town of Zion, Illinois. With 8 acres of field, including a small town, you have plenty of room to go out and enjoy your favorite sport of airsoft. There are a couple of things that make Black Ops Airsoft special. First of all, females always play free, which we know can greatly help broaden the base of our sport. Secondly, throughout the field, they have armored vehicles placed.

Fear City Tactical Arena

As opposed to most airsoft fields, Fear City Tactical Arena is used almost exclusively for training. This 40,000 square foot arena, in Morton Grove, Illinois, boasts themselves as the largest airsoft training facility in the Midwest United States.

Illinois Airsoft Events

Operation Liberty

Operation Liberty was an Operation Lion Claws event held in Kankakee, Illinois, in July of 2014.