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Massachusetts Airsoft Fields


In Attleboro, Massachusetts, is a CQB building full of adrenaline for the whole family. Beyond airsoft, they have games for kids 5+ including dart wars and laser tag. Battlegroundz is one of the few airsoft fields in the country open 7 days per week. When you walk in, the arena has an after-the-bomb feel to it, which makes for excellent themed CQB engagement.

Stronghold Ops

Located just half an hour from downtown Boston, Stronghold Ops is a 25,000 square foot indoor arena in Abington, Massachusetts. They host open play every Sunday for grueling 8 1/2 hour sessions. Within that time, Stronghold Airsoft offers up many of the scenarios that you know, but also throw some twists in to help keep things interesting.

Massachusetts Airsoft Teams

Viking MilSim Corps

In Massachusetts, you can join a MilSim team that takes the sport very seriously. The team for you, in this case would be the Viking MilSim Corps. This team goes far beyond the local games, like many teams do, and hit most of the major national events, as well.