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New Jersey Airsoft Fields

The Airsoft Factory

Bridgewater, New Jersey is home to The Airsoft Factory, a 50,000 square foot facility with all of the fun that you can handle. They have themed parties, whether you’re looking for Call of Duty or a zombie apocalypse. It’s mentioned all over the internet that the attention to detail used in the production of this airsoft field was exquisite.

Stryker Airsoft

In Hackettstown, New Jersey, you’ll find Stryker Airsoft. They are open for free play from Thursday through Sunday. In addition to the indoor arena and pro shop, they also have on-site repair, in the event your airsoft gun fails in the middle of a scenario.

New Jersey Airsoft Teams

Hunterdon County Airsoft

Hunterdon County Airsoft is unlike many teams out there. It’s a group of guys that enjoy playing airsoft, but had a hard time finding events. They regularly play games on private property with permission. The place you play may change from one skirmish to the next, and this is part of the fun. They’ve grown significantly to where some of their small events are bringing in more than 50 players. If you’re in airsoft for the fun of the sport, and want to get into regular games in the Hunterdon County, New Jersey Area, this team is right for you.


Recon6, out of Northern New Jersey, is a team of seven airsoft operators that focus mainly on MilSim events. They have experts in every aspect of the sport, including CQB, marksmanship, sniper tactics and much more.

New Jersey Airsoft Events

Operation X

Operation X is a MilSim event hosted in Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, and organized by Operation Lion Claws.