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New York Airsoft Fields

Zulu24 Airsoft

Zulu 24 is 130 acres of wooded terrain, which also has some CQB areas. Located in Rock Tavern, New York, they host events and scenarios that you know and love, but also some that you may not be used to, such as alternative history scenarios. These include events like the coming of the Fourth Reich in the 1960�s and training with the United States Navy Seals.

Hudson Valley Airsoft

Hudson Valley Airsoft has a tremendous, 80,000 square foot indoor facility in addition to their outdoor field that you can find just outside of Carmel, New York. They hold day and Friday Night open play, as well as being open to first responders for training. Hudson Valley Airsoft is also close to the Connecticut border, so don�t be surprised to see more than one state license plate when you show up.

New York Airsoft Teams

Redneck Mayhem Airsoft Team

If you�re in the Arcade, New York, area, and want to get on an airsoft team that�s all about having fun and encouraging the sportsmanship of airsoft, then the Redneck Mayhem Airsoft Team would be a good team for you.

Adirondack Rangers

The Adirondack Rangers, based out of Upstate New York, focuses on MilSim and having fun while doing it. They�ve also organized a group of seasoned players to send to larger regional and national events. They realize that honor, integrity, and teamwork must be major portions of the airsoft sport, so look for mature, responsible individuals when new players want to join.