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Ohio Airsoft Fields

Hidden Spring Ranch

Located just outside of Springfield, Ohio, Hidden Spring Ranch is a sprawling airsoft event venue with multiple fields which hosts multiple major events in addition to their open play and locally hosted events. They are unique because of the events that they are willing to host and organize during cold weather times during the brutal winters of Ohio.

Fallen Warrior Airsoft

Fallen Warrior Airsoft has over 140 acres of airsoft field for you to enjoy. Within that area, there are over 40 structures, including a section devoted to CQB scenarios. Whatever type of event you’re looking for, Fallen Warrior has. If you want MilSim, open play, post apocalypse, or more, they have exactly what you want to play.

War Den Airsoft

War Den Airsoft is a 22 acre field, located in Stone Creek, Ohio. They are known for being the oldest dedicated airsoft field in the state. In addition to their expansive outdoor field, they also have access to an indoor arena that's three floors of insanity, in Dover, Ohio. If you want to play indoors, the events are held one Thursday per month.

Safety is a top priority, with a full ref staff available and an in depth safety briefing before you play. They are heralded as one of the most family-friendly airsoft fields in the the region, with airsoft operators coming from West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan to participate in their events.

In addition to their open play scenarios on the first and third Saturdays of every month during the season, they also host monthly MilSim events, the largest of which is Shattered Union. They also hold two to three winter events per month, known as Frozen Feet. In these events, you'll be able to test your mettle against the elements, while still having fun in a safe, friendly environment.

Ohio Airsoft Teams

Team Strikers

Team Strikers is one of the oldest and most dedicated teams in the Midwest. They are well-known for being very professional and fair. They have members that have been with the team for more than eight years and participate in many major national events.

Urban Warriors

Urban Warriors is an airsoft team, located in Dayton, OH. They are dedicated and promote good sportsmanship in all aspects of the game. What started out as six players a few years ago has grown into a full squad with 10 to 12 players going to each event that they attend.

Ohio Rangers Airsoft

Ohio Rangers Airsoft is a group located in the Tipp City, Ohio area. They currently consist of 24 total members with 8-10 regular players, two of which are prior military. They have a 40 acre wooded area we play at, located east of Sidney, Ohio. This allows for regular practices, to ensure the best performance at an airsoft event.

Ohio Airsoft Events

The Ohio Project

In November, 2014, Operation Lion Claws organized The Ohio Project. It was held in North Randall, Ohio, at the now-defunct Randall Park Mall.

Operation Lightning Strike

Operation Lion Claws organized an event, held in Delaware, Ohio, called Operation Lightning Strike. This event was part of their continuing Military Simulation Series.