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Pennsylvania Airsoft Fields

Ambush Outdoor Adventure Park

Located just minutes from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Ambush Outdoor Adventure Park has over 40 acres on 4 airsoft fields available. You can play in a trailer park, in a forest with a castle, or along a bunker. No matter what your flavor of airsoft is, Ambush Outdoor Adventure Park has what you�re looking for. One thing that makes this field stand out is their annual summer camp. It�s three days of fun for all players ages 10-16.

Battlefield Indoor Airsoft Field

Battlefield Indoor Airsoft Field offers 13,000 square feet of CQB intensity, just off of I-95 in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. With options to pay per-session or all day, this field offers options for every budget. They are open from Thursday through Sunday every week with Team Nights as a new feature of Fridays.

Mercer Airsoft Center

Mercer Airsoft Center is a sprawling, 25-acre field in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Their expanse of wooded terrain, fields, and CQB town make it a great field to play any time of year. Yes, they even offer cold-weather scenarios on Sundays from November through February. Like many fields, Mercer Airsoft Center is available for rent for any occasion, from birthdays to bachelor parties.

Pennsylvania Airsoft Teams

Death Watch

Death Watch is a very active MilSim Team out of Southern Pennsylvania. They�re very active as a team, not only locally, at their home airsoft field, but also at national events. They have built a reputation within the airsoft community at not only excelling within the sport, but also being honorable in their gameplay.

Metal Gears Tactical Airsoft

Metal Gears Tactical Airsoft is a MilSim team from Central Pennsylvania. They are known for holding their team members to a high standard of honor and teamwork when attending a MilSim event. In their minds, �team� goes farther than the existing roster of members, and extends to anyone with the same objective as them.

Dead Cell Airsoft

With over 12 years as an airsoft MilSim team, Dead Cell Airsoft is one of the most experienced MilSim teams you�ll find. For a team to thrive as long and as successfully as Dead Cell has, a focus is maintained on teamwork and having fun in everything that they do. They�re always up for a challenge from new or existing teams, and enjoy helping others succeed as well.

North East Pennsylvania Airsoft

NEPA goes beyond being just a team within airsoft. They are an airsoft community within themselves that has an interest in growing the sport overall. They sponsor local arenas and teams, but also have their own �Patriot Squad.� Of the 15 member of their squad, some have been members since 2003.

Executives Airsoft

Executives Airsoft is a MilSim team out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that has been in existence for about three years. They have a consistently growing membership, and are always looking for new teammates. Their regional presence is well-known at different events, and soon they will be adding their team to national events as well.

Pennsylvania Airsoft Events

Operation Blacksheep @ Skirmish

The Blacksheep Skirmish Operation is a 24-hour, force on force operation held annually in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania.

Operation Red Storm East

Operation Lion Claws continued their story of Rojo and his Red Scorpions in April of 2014 at operation Red Storm East in Scranton, Pennsylvania.