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Resources for South Carolina Airsoft Players

  • Fields/Arenas
    • Ground Zero Airfield
    • Escue Airsoft (SQA)
    • The Airfarm
  • Teams
    • Swamp Fox Elite 315
    • Chapter V
    • Team Raptors
    • 482nd Airsoft Infantry Battalion
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  • Events
    • Operation Blacksheep @ JOC
    • Operation: Faded Giants
    • Operation Swift Justice
    • Operation Vietnam Patrol II

South Carolina Airsoft Fields

Ground Zero Airfield

If you�re looking for a good mix of open field and CQB airsoft skirmishes, Ground Zero Airfield in Greenville, SC is a good place to look.

South Carolina Airsoft Events

Operation Blacksheep @ JOC

The Blacksheep Joint Operation Center Operation is an annual MilSim event held in Barnwell, South Carolina.

Operation: Faded Giants

American MilSim has now organized three Operation: Faded Giants events in Barnwell, South Carolina.

Operation Swift Justice

As part of Operation Lion Claws� Military Simulation Series, Operation Swift Justice was held in Graniteville, South Carolina.