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Airsoft Gun Inner Barrels has everything you’ll need to become a precision shooter with your airsoft gun. We find one of the most vital pieces is the inner barrel. We have both OEM replacement and upgrade inner barrels. When it comes to increased accuracy, one aspect of the barrel you’ll want to look at is how tight the diameter of the barrel is. If a barrel has too wide of a diameter, the BB will slightly bounce around inside of the barrel. This bouncing decreases maximum range, effective range, and accuracy. You’ll also want to make sure that the barrel you choose is the correct length for your airsoft gun. If you get one too short, the effectiveness of your airsoft gun will become minimal, or may not properly fire at all because BBs get stuck in the outer barrel. If the inner barrel is too long performance won’t be hindered. You will be compromising the looks of your gun because the inner barrel will be exposed. Having an exposed barrel will lead to much quicker damage and wear.