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Lipo Ready... Setting The Record Straight

Many Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) users become interested in using a Lipo or Lipoly or Lithium Polymer battery. Some often ask, can I run a lipo? Is my AEG lipo ready? Will I be able to use a Lipo?

The short answer is, no (at least most of the time, no). The reason most AEGs are not Lipo ready is because they do not come equipped with the necessary parts or upgrades necessary for you to continuously use a Lipo.

But it says on the advertisement, that my AEG is lipo ready!
It doesn�t matter! The term �lipo ready� is a term manufacturers and/or retailers use to say that that particular AEG is built to last and that it is has �reinforced internals.� Now that very well may be true in many cases, however most AEGs do not come equipped with a MOSFET. This in my opinion is completely necessary once you decide to go above and beyond that 9.6 volt barrier. A good MOSFET will take away heat from your trigger contacts, prevent electrical arcing, thus greatly increasing the contacts longevity.

What is a MOSFET?
A metal�oxide�semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) is a transistor that will amplify or re-direct (switch) the electrical current passing through your AEG. It will also increase your AEG�s efficiency. This MOSFET will act as your new and improved trigger switch making your current trigger contacts a simple ON/OFF switch. This new and improved device will take the place of your old fuse assembly and create a new path for current to flow and will absorb any voltage spikes.

Do you guys install MOSFETs?
Yes we do. If you have a MOSFET you would like us to install please for return instructions and our technicians will install these for you.

Without diving too deep into different types of MOSFET switches, I will say there are a lot of different MOSFETs out there, some employ a lot of cool features which will drastically improve and customize the way your AEG works. 

Along with the addition of a MOSFET, you may need other upgrades/parts so that your gun will be less prone to failure. All plastic bushings, spring guides, etc. will need to be replaced with metal ones. If your piston is flimsy or it�s on its last leg, swap that out with a stronger one.

Items you should get but are not absolutely necessary.
  • Aftermarket Gear Set: Depending on what kind of stock gears you have and their condition.
  • Deans Plugs: There�s a lot out there and they are very cheap. It�s a better connection type than your stock Tamiya plugs and they will not melt, and if you are running a lipo with Tamiya plugs they will melt. Sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly, they will melt one way or another.
  • Low Resistance Wiring: Less resistance, less electrical stress, higher conductivity, all that good stuff. Again not completely necessary to run Lipo, but is recommended especially if your stock wiring is dying.
If you are interested in sending your item so you will actually be ready to go lipo, please contact us at [email protected] and you can talk with our techs and they will build your gun based on your performance standards.