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Xcortech X3300W Airsoft Control Unit - Tracer / Burst Fire / Chronograph
Xcortech X3300W Airsoft Control Unit BB Tracer Burst Fire Mosfet Chrono

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Xcortech X3300W Airsoft Control Unit - BB Tracer / Burst Fire Mosfet / Chrono


  • Style: PEQ Box & Mock Barrel Extension Tracer
  • Material: Metal / Polymer
  • Color(s):Black
  • Compatible With AEG and GBB Rifle
  • Measure FPS and ROF
  • ECU Drop In Battery Mosfet For AEG
  • Adjust 2-10 Round Burst On Full Auto
  • Measures BB Amount Shot
  • Counts BB Amount Remaining Down
  • PEQ Style Control Computer w/ 20mm QD Rail Mount
  • 14mm CCW Tracer Unit Doubles As FPS / ROF Chrono Measure
  • Display Face On PEQ For Easy Reading While Handling Weapon


  • Control Computer PEQ Box
  • ECU Mosfet Unit
  • Chronograph Tracer Unit


The Xcortech X3300W Airsoft BB Control Unit gives the user unprecedented control over their airsoft rifle and how it fires. This units performs multiple necessary functions, such as providing a glow in the dark BB tracer, chronograph, fire control mosfet, all in one simple package that lets the owner attach it all directly to their airsoft rifle of choice, complimenting AEG rifles very well. Functioning as a chronograph, it is able to measure your feet-per-second rating, and also measuring in meters-per-second, as well as rate of fire, using the including tracer and chrono reading unit in tandem with the display of the control interface. The unit can also measure how many BB's you have shot, or count down from a specified amount to keep your reminded of where your ammo supply is at. The tracer units is powered by four AAA batteries and allows for the use of glow in the dark ammo. The ECU or electric control unit drops into your battery line using a small Tamiya plug connector, making it universal easy to install into airsoft guns. When used with the control computer, this allows for adjustable burst fire for your airsoft AEG rifle's full auto fire mode, between 2-10 rounds per trigger pull. This makes for a great control unit for any airsoft rifle.

Instruction Manual http://goo.gl/W11LOK
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