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Tactical Vests and Plate Carriers offers a wide variety of tactical vests and plate carriers for any situation. We have full vests, chest rigs, plate carriers, and many more. You’ll see all of the brands you recognize like Condor, Lancer Tactical, LBX, and all of the others you know and love.

Tactical Vests and Plate Carriers in an Airsoft Event

Tactical vests and chest rigs are essential during an airsoft event. It comes down to necessary storage. Between guns, ammunition, spare batteries, gas, CO2, water, and everything else you’ll need, you won’t have enough hands and cargo pockets to carry it all. Another option would be to carry a bag. This is fine for transportation but once you get to the field it turns into a tactical nightmare. Tactical vests are not only designed to carry your items, but to also make them easily accessible. You can either get integrated pouches or Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE). MOLLE pouches aren’t fixed in a single spot, so you can move them to where it’s most comfortable for you to access your gear.

Plate Carriers are widely used by airsoft operators for additional protection from getting hit with BBs in an event. Since safety should always come first, our suggestion is to always use plate carriers. If you’d like additional protection, you can also drop a simple piece of corrugated cardboard into the carrier. Many of the vests we carry have front and rear plate holders built in. So if you’d like both, we would suggest looking for one that has dual functionality.