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Airsoft Spring Rifles has spring rifles of every kind. We have backyard fun spring UZIs to high-powered sniper rifles. Full metal rifles give a more realistic feel when holding the gun and are great for collectors. If you’re looking to be a deadeye with the sniper rifle, spring is the best option that you’ll have. The heavy-duty bolt action in your sniper rifle will allow for a very high FPS. Additionally, the sniper rifles themselves are built for accuracy above all else.

Spring Rifles in an Airsoft Event

Springs powered assault rifles, UARs, and submachine guns are great for backyard games and target shooting but have little relevance in an airsoft event. When you’re using an airsoft rifle in an event, the one you’re looking for is a sniper rifle. As we stated above, sniper rifles are very powerful and very accurate. Before heading to your event, make sure that you have installed a spring in your sniper rifle that will produce the highest FPS allowed for the event without going over the limit.