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Airsoft Gun Accuracy

How do you improve an airsoft guns accuracy? That is a difficult question to answer. The issue amongst airsoft guns is the fact that they are inherently inaccurate compared to real guns. The best parts, the most expensive everything will not let you hit a bull�s eye at 100 yards, 90 yards, not even 50 yards.  Airsoft guns usually run out of smooth bore barrels there have been people or companies to venture out and try something different than the smooth bore design, however none of them created any incredible results.

The BBs used to in airsoft gun are light weight and round; they are much more prone to environmental disturbances as than real fire arm rounds.

So obviously, we cannot make our airsoft guns shoot even remotely similar to the way real steal firearms shoot�although that would be very impressive, it is not realistic.

So what else is there?

To play airsoft, your gun does not have to shoot an X inch group at X amount of yards. Some airsoft guns are more accurate than others e.g. a TM M16 will out shoot TM MP5. Both of these guns have the same inner bore diameter. However the longer barrel length of the M16 will give the BB more stability upon exiting the barrel.

Accuracy in airsoft hinges upon several components on your gun, we may not be able to achieve consistent, ultra precision, shots with our airsoft guns, but we can improve our existing or stock airsoft guns. We can do this by focusing on these parts.


Purchase a better hop up for your airsoft gun, most stock hop ups can be improved upon. By a sturdy high quality metal hop up chamber, stock hop ups can be inconsistent due to involuntary movements of the adjustment wheel, slide, or what have you. Some stock hop ups may not be able to adjust with precisely where you want them to be.  Of course different guns call for different hop ups. *Not all stock hop up chambers need to be replaced; for example I have not found a need to change the hop up on my TM M14 for the three years that I have had it. One it works great and two it has not broken.


A good quality bucking is usually an important upgrade. It increases your AEGs consistency. Softer buckings generally have more consistent hop/ BB trajectory, however they wear down at a faster rate than harder buckings. Harder buckings are more for high shooting airsoft guns. (375~400 fps and higher). Find out which bucking brand works best with your gun and stick with it.


The barrel plays a vital role in the accuracy of your airsoft gun. The barrel is the guide line of the BB before it exits the barrel. As mentioned earlier, barrel length does affect the stabilization of the BB, but it doesn�t make the gun a lot more accurate.

I: BORE DIAMETER: When the gun fires the BB tends to bounce within the barrel, tighter bores, limit the amount of BB �bounce� within the barrel.

II. QUALITY OVER DIMENSIONS: Heavy duty materials, good quality control, precise manufacturing, makes all the difference. You will get more accurate results using a 6.04mm barrel from a premium manufacturer than using a 6.01mm from a lower quality manufacturer.

Just like actual fire arms, using a thicker heavier barrel will result in more accuracy due to less vibrations within the barrel.


Getting the best compression into your hop up assembly will be important. Chances are if you are running stock parts, there is always room for improvement. For AEGs your compression components consist of the Cylinder, cylinder head, piston head, and the air seal nozzle. Improving these parts will maximize the potential of your current spring. If you have poor compression than the power of the spring is being wasted and your AEG is doing more work than it needs to with limited results. Replace the necessary compression components to achieve your AEG�s maximum potential.

*It is wise to keep most/all of your compression components manufacturer related eg. Modify with Modify, Magic Box with Magic Box, Lonex with Lonex, etc.