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Angle of Engagement

The Angle of Engagement often abbreviated to �AoE� is the angle in which the first tooth on the AEG�s sector gear contacts the piston. For stock guns this is something that can be corrected and greatly help your AEG last longer. You will see that the first tooth of the sector gear engages the first tooth of the piston in such a way that the teeth between the two do not mesh properly.

The goal is to have the teeth of the sector gear contacting the piston�s teeth at a more precise, and accurate manor.

This is done by creating space between the cylinder head and the piston, so that when the piston is at rest in its most forward (relaxed) position the sector gear will pick the piston up at the correct angle. When the first tooth is picked up at the correct angle the rest of the teeth will be at the correct angle.

This �space� can be achieved through use of Sorbo pad(s), specific AoE piston spacers, or even cutting and drilling a piece of plastic and putting it in between the piston the piston (you may need a longer piston head screw to compensate for the extra space between the two).

Next you will need to modify the piston so that the sector gear�s teeth do not rub up (get caught) against the following teeth on the piston. If your piston does not come with a gap in between the 1st tooth and the 2nd tooth you will need to completely remove the Pistons 2nd tooth. (*I am referring to the back of the piston*) The 3rd tooth will have to be trimmed, usually about half way.

You may notice a small decrease in velocity; however depending on the gun and the cylinder set up you are using it may not make a difference. If it bothers you that much, you can always purchase a different cylinder and/or modify a full cylinder.