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Electric Airsoft Pistols offers a huge selection of electric airsoft pistols, including submachine guns. Airsoft Electric Pistols (AEPs) work off of the same premise as an AEG, which is using a gearbox to compress air, which shoots the BB in the chamber. There are some differences between an AEP and AEGs, though. One of the differences is that with a smaller amount of space available inside the gun, there will be a shorter spring, which means less compression. Also, you have a much shorter barrel. Between these two items, the AEP has less accuracy and velocity than a shot from an AEG. Additionally, because of the reduced spring size, an AEP is also less accurate and has a lower velocity than its spring and gas counterparts. However, one of the main advantages is that a gearbox does hold over gas and CO2 is that if you want to shoot full auto, AEP has a much better mechanism for fire.

Electric Pistols at an Airsoft Event

Almost everyone that goes to an airsoft event with a pistol uses either gas or CO2, but an AEP certainly has its uses. If the event that you�re attending allows for full auto usage, you may want to have your normal gas sidearm and an AEP. Imagine being out of BBs in your main rifle, but you have to move across an area that�s covered by enemy forces. You can pull out both of your sidearms. Use your full auto to create cover fire for yourself, and your gas/CO2 gun for more accurate targeting.