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Airsoft Gun Springs & Spring Guides offers a large variety of springs and spring guides that you’ll need for your AEG airsoft gun. The spring is the first step in compression for your airsoft gun while firing. When the sector gear pushes the piston backwards, it’s the spring that gets compressed. Once the gear is no longer engaging the piston, the compression in the spring releases, which forces compression within the cylinder and cylinder head. If you’re getting an upgrade spring, you’ll want a stiffer one to increase the tension while it’s being compressed. This additional tension makes for a much faster recoil when it’s released. A faster recoil directly translates to a higher FPS.

The spring guide is there to do exactly as it says, it guides and secures the spring. If you think about trying to compress a spring between two of your fingers, you’ll notice that the spring doesn’t move straight across. Instead it tries to bend and move, perhaps even threatening to fly from between your fingers. If you do the same thing, but use two other fingers to help keep it straight, it works much better. This is the idea of a spring guide. But instead of it being guided at just a couple points of contact (when using your fingers), it has a guide to keep the spring in place and in line from one end to the other. Many upgraded spring guides have washers or bearings on one or both ends to allow for any twisting that may occur during the compression of the spring.