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Airsoft - What To Do And Not To Do

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1 Jan 2008/ 9 Sept 2009

Welcome! We are going to discuss ways to prevent airsoft products from breaking, and the most common ways they break. Our goal is to help our buyers understand the care and maintenance needed with your airsoft purchase! Most airsoft guns stop working properly, or completely due to owner mistreatment or under treatment.

What Not To Do

  • AEG's are not built for long continuous shooting, just like a real gun it will overheat and cause damage (usually resulting in a grinding noise). Keep intervals to 1-5 second bursts to prevent any damage to your gears or motor.
  • Never use a gun for the first time without fully charging battery first.
  • Never charge an airsoft battery over RECOMMENDED TIME! (see below for recommended time)
  • Never continue to charge a battery that has gotten warm or hot.
  • Never leave batteries in an airsoft gun when finished using.
  • Never use a battery in an airsoft product that has been over heated or is not in perfect condition!
  • Never use a gas operated airsoft pistol in cold weather.
  • If the gun gets jammed do not try to fire again! You must remove the jammed bb from the gun first or it will break!
  • Never use .12g bbs in a high FPS gun like a metal gear box AEG. The light weight bb will continue to jam the gun untill it breaks down the internals, ruining your gun.
  • Never reuse ammo/BBs or they can break your gun.
  • Never use anything but seamless high grade perfectly round ammo . The barrels are made tight and exact causing any other ammo will jam or break your gun.
  • Never fire an airsoft gun that has a broken paintball in it! You must clean the barrel and chamber first or it will break.
  • Never load your magazine over 80% capacity or the spring will eventually loosen and not work properly and/or could pop out.
  • Never take apart your gun unless you absolutely know what you're doing! Take it to your local shop for any airsoft maintenance.
  • Never force a trigger. If it's not pulling easily, check for jams or take it to you local airsoft shop.
  • Never alter or try to remove the blazing orange tip of your gun in any way.
  • Never drop your gun.
  • Never get any part of your gun wet.
  • Do not charge your NiCd battery before it has been fully discharged.

What To Do:

  • Buy a smart charger, if not: Use an electrical outlet timer (just like ones used with Christmas lights on a house) to charge your batteries. See below for charging times.
  • Airsoft Gears, Motors, Etc. are made to run at certain speed so only use your gun with charged batteries. If you can tell gun battery is wearing down take the battery out, discharge it, and recharge it. Do not keep shooting!
  • Always fully discharge a NiCd battery before recharging it. When storing a NiCd battery make sure it is fully discharged!
  • Turn Hop Up all the way off before firing for the first time, than adjust slowly as needed. Most people make the mistake of turning it all the way up which can result in no firing or frequent jams.
  • Use slick seamless high grade seamless 6mm round ammo only! DO NOT USE STORE BOUGHT AMMO! (Trusted websites like only!)
  • For upgrades or any internal work have it done by an airsoft professional only!
  • Do not use upgrades on guns that do not have metal gear boxes.
  • Check to make sure no screws or other fasteners have come loose. If they have use lock tight on the threads and retighten.
  • Make sure to lubricate and oil your gun regularly and properly to keep it working in top condition.
  • If you are using a spring airsoft gun make sure its fully cocked back every time.
  • If your AEG gun is not getting power and there is no problem with the battery than you need to replace the fuse. (Located along the wiring harness right behind the guns female connection point to the batteries male connection)This is a normal and common general maintenance step in properly up keeping your electric metal gearbox gun.
  • Always clean your airsoft gun after each use.

Charging Your Battery:

Follow this simple equation to prevent battery overcharging (Battery mAh/Chargers mA). For Example, a 1500 mAh battery with a 250 mA charging rate will take 6 hours to fully charge.

NiCd batteries are fine to just follow manuals instructions. It is important to store and recharge your NiCd battery only when it is fully discharged.


The views and opinions expressed on this page are meant as suggestions only! Use of our suggestions is at the sole discretion of the reader. We always recommend you talk with your local paintball and/or airsoft shop before you use or work on any airsoft products.