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Airsoft Precision Seamless BBs Airsoft Green Gas / CO2 / Propane Adapters

Airsoft BBs, CO2 and Gas stocks only the top quality seamless BBs for airsoft guns. Why don’t we offer some of the lower-end BBs? They tend to jam and reduce the life of your gun. The amount that you save in low-end BBs will cost you overall in replacing internal parts or your entire airsoft gun. Here at, you can get tracers or regular BBs from brands such as Elite Force, KWA/KSC, UAP, Echo 1 and more! We have weights available from .12g to .28g for a full range of airsoft guns.

We offer CO2 and green gas for your airsoft pistols and rifles. We also offer propane adapters for your green gas guns for an economical and efficient alternative.

BBs in an Airsoft Event

In any airsoft event, we recommend using .20g or .25g BBs if your airsoft gun can use those weights. The amount of BBs you take to an airsoft event is going to be dependent on the length and rules of the event. Below, we’ll break it down by those factors. Please note that you’ll want to take more BBs than you’ll use, and that’s where our recommendations will fall.

1-Day/Partial-Day Event

  • Full Auto: 5000 BBs
  • No Full Auto: 2000 BBs

2-Day/3-Day Event

  • Full Auto: 15000 BBs
  • No Full Auto: 5000 BBs

Week-Long Event

  • Full Auto: 40000 BBs
  • No Full Auto: 18000 BBs

Gas and CO2 in an Airsoft Event

There’s some debate as to whether CO2 or green gas is more effective in an airsoft event. Green gas guns get fewer shots off with a single charge than a single CO2 canister. But with green gas, you can refill whenever you get a chance as opposed to CO2. CO2 requires a cartridge change and that requires a hex key. Green gas also is significantly less expensive to refuel than CO2. The main advantage of CO2 is how many BBs you can shoot before having to change cartridges. With practice, you can change a CO2 cartridge faster than you can fill a gas airsoft gun from empty. CO2 guns tend to also have a longer range and higher velocity than Green Gas guns, which could mean more targets hit with fewer BBs. This is one place where we at won’t make a recommendation. Figure out your fighting style and decide which is best for you. Whichever you decide, make sure to always have spare magazines loaded with BBs and charged with green gas or with new CO2 cartridges.