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Airsoft Spring Pistols has a great selection of entry-level airsoft spring pistols. If youíre a collector, target shooter, or just love to get together with friends for some backyard fun, a spring pistol could be just what youíre looking for. All spring pistols require the gun to be cocked between each shot, so semi and full automatic firing isnít possible. If you go with a full metal body, youíll get a very realistic feel when holding the gun which adds to the fun and the collectability of the gun.

Spring Pistols in an Airsoft Event

Spring Pistols are recommended for minimal use in an airsoft event. Itís not because of the cocking between shots that causes the disadvantage as you might think. The issue comes from the fact that they lack in their accuracy and consistency in firing rate. If youíre using a spring pistol as your main sidearm, you will certainly run into issues, even in close quarters combat (CQC). Some of the great advantages of a spring pistol is that they are inexpensive, have zero maintenance cost, and do not require any external items for it to fire (no gas, batteries, cartridges, or air tanks). There is no doubt that you should have a spring air pistol available at an event, but itís suggested that you use it as a last resort.