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Airsoft Gun Anti-Reversal Latches

The anti-reversal latch plays a vital role in making sure that your AEG airsoft gun fires properly and has a long life. Without it, your gun would double feed quite often and if you don�t allow the gears to finish their reverse cycle and pull the trigger again, you run the risk of stripping your piston teeth and gears. The anti-reversal latch stops the gun from doing what it naturally wants to do after a shot is fired, which is to release any compression that�s on the spring and the gears, which would happen in a motion reverse of normal operation. This reverse motion would load another BB in the chamber but not fire. This is how the anti-reverse latch prevents double feeding. The gears would be moving in a reverse direction and a trigger pull would force the gears to immediately change direction which would put unnecessary stress and wear on all of the gears. The anti-reversal latch saves your gears by stopping this from happening. Even without the mechanical issue, if your anti-reversal latch becomes inoperable your gun will make a sound after every shot that most airsoft operators find unpleasant.

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GB-05-03 Modify Anti Reversal Latch Ver. 2/3
Modify Anti Reversal Latch Version 2/3
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Price: $9.00