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JG and Lancer Tactical AEG Airsoft Guns offers airsoft guns from the well-known manufacturer Jing Gong, known by most as JG or Golden Bow. The key to JG is that they�ve been voted by users as having the most bang for your buck. When you compare apples to apples against Tokyo Marui, JG has better craftsmanship. JG has much better internals, but are also more durable, more powerful, and has far more upgradability than their TM counterparts. The best part about all of this is that JG AEG airsoft guns are only a fraction of the price of comparable Tokyo Marui models.

If you�re looking for the best introductory AEG airsoft gun, Lancer Tactical is your brand. If you want to get into airsoft games without breaking the bank, Lancer Tactical is the place to start. All of their models come with full metal gearboxes and are extremely affordable. In addition to the great price point and having full metal gearboxes, they�re also extremely upgradeable. Many of their guns are full metal and real wood, so you don�t have to worry if you�re a little too rough with them. When you�re ready to move into the sport of airsoft, Lancer Tactical is where to go first.