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Upgraded Low Cost Airsoft Guns vs. High Priced Stock Airsoft Guns

This will be written to help shed some light on the pros and cons (more or less) on buying a cheaper gun and upgrading it vs. buying an airsoft gun from a name brand manufacturer.

Airsoft is making boundless advancements so frequently that; chances are your performance standards are within reach.

If you want to purchase a high priced decent performing gun and be done with it, be my guest, however chances are if you are a tech, a cheap base gun is all you need. The beauty of buying clones is that most aftermarket parts are TM compatible, granted a lot of high end guns are great, and a perfect starting platform. A high and a low price doesn�t make a gun bad, keep in mind manufacturers cannot build a 65 RPS monster because, it may be lacking on reliability, and the enormous cost that would be involved too. Sometimes, not always, high end manufacturers use proprietary parts which cannot be upgraded or easily upgraded compared to TM/ G&P spec airsoft guns. Depending on what the operator wants to do to his rifle, these unique parts may limit the operator�s ability to upgrade the gun to his performance standards. So if you are on a budget you would like great performance, without the fancy expensive aesthetics used by some high end manufacturers, and still have a low price tag. Get a more price friendly gun and upgrade it.

You will be amazed of what little things a good tech can do to get your gun performing much better and smoother, than stock.

Let�s take exhibit A, an M4 style AEG that costs $150 (Marui Spec) versus exhibit B an M4 that costs $350 (Name Brand Spec). Both shoot 400 fps and both have a metal gearbox, with the addition of exhibit B some quality components internally and externally.

Let�s see what things you can do to exhibit A to perform even better than exhibit B without even spending $350.

Gun: $130
Performance bucking: $6.95 Product Code: LONEX-GB-01-35
Basic MOSFET switch (non AB): $45 Product Code: TX-M-AR2
Metal hop unit: $19.95 Product Code: LONEX-GB-01-34
Motor: $38.95 Product Code: DJ0005
Spring Guide: $14.95 Product Code: MV2-SG
O-Ring Air nozzle $8.95 Product Code: MAN-M4
Re-shim: Product Code: GB-01-45
Re-grease: FREE
Improve stock compression: FREE
Lightening the piston (DIY): FREE

TOTAL: $264.75

This is just an example list that can make your gun perform more efficiently and make it much more reliable than it was, whilst improving performance.

As mentioned earlier, high priced airsoft guns are not bad, this just goes to show what can be done internally to lower priced guns to make them perform great, on a budget. Both high priced and low priced AEGs have their pros and cons, but that is not what the author is writing about. High priced guns have their places; for those of them that have trademarks, that�s awesome, but chances are the internal parts used may not be able to compete with quality aftermarket (high performance) parts anyways, so pick out the gun of your choice and decide whether or not you want to make it more reliable, perform better all with added efficiency.

If you are looking for a tech to upgrade your gun for you, we do offer upgrade services as well as repair services. If you would like to have your gun upgraded in house before we ship it out to you, please let us know. Or if you are interested in high performance email us and we will be happy take your current gun or build a gun for you based on your performance standards.

Tech upgrade and repair inquiries should be submitted to: [email protected]