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CO2 and Green Gas Guns

CO2 and Green Gas are most popular for pistols and revolvers. With CO2 and Gas you get smooth semi-automatic operation with a much higher FPS than spring guns. Gas and CO2 guns are also immensely fun to shoot because blowback on Gas and CO2 is far more realistic than the blowback offered by AEGs. Pleasure and target shooters prefer using Gas and CO2 over any other firing mechanism. No matter what your reason for loving gas and CO2, has a full range of guns, gas, and canisters available for you.

Gas Guns in an Airsoft Event

When attending an airsoft event, your sidearm should be a gas or CO2 gun. The size and design of a handgun make gas and CO2 the perfect solution. It’s up to you and your combat style as to whether to use gas or CO2. Many airsoft players prefer gas because it can easily be recharged at any point. You don’t have to wait for the entire charge to be spent unlike CO2. Additionally, CO2 typically takes longer to change out than to recharge green gas. The main advantage of CO2 is the increased FPS and range compared to gas. If you’re the type of player that would utilize your pistol for mid to long-range combat, then CO2 is for you. If you opt for CO2, make sure you regularly practice changing your cartridges so you can do it as quickly as possible. If you’re at an event and need to change, you don’t want to take too long while taking fire from the opposing force.