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Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns

Automatic Electric Guns, AEGs are the most popular type of airsoft rifle in the world. Electric airsoft rifles operate by compressing air using a spring assembly, piston assembly, and cylinder. Mainly they are so popular because of the reduced operating cost, and ability to fire in a wide range of modes. This type is powered with a rechargeable battery making the operational cost very low. AEGs are capable of firing in full-auto, semi-auto, and sometimes burst mode by using a mosfet, which gives its user more playing style options on the field. AEGs come in many different gun platforms like M4, AK47, G36, P90, MP5, M16, SR25, LMG (support type machine gun), and many more.

When shopping for electric airsoft guns, intermediate to advanced players, will always choose a gun with a metal gearbox. Metal gearboxes provide superior performance and durability. This is the only type of electric powered rifle that can be repaired, customized, or upgraded. Lower end AEGs will have polymer gearbox shell with very low quality internals, or just be made from very cheap materials. These internals are made to different specs, and cannot be easily repaired or upgraded.