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Airsoft Grenade Launchers has a variety of gas and spring grenade launchers available. You can choose from an under-gun mounted grenade launcher or one that�s a standalone. Depending on the round you choose you�ll be able to fire anywhere from 20 to 120 BBs in one shot with a range from 20 to 100 feet depending on the grenade you use. Several of our standalone options can be loaded with multiple rounds so you don�t have to reload after each shot. If a grenade launcher or mortar launcher is what you�re looking for, is the place to get it.

Grenade and Mortar Launchers in an Airsoft Event

Before taking the time to load and carry your grenade or mortar launcher to any event, make sure that they are allowed. Many events restrict or disallow use of these types of airsoft guns.

Grenade launchers are often described as �a glorified shotgun,� but nothing could be further from the truth. Though use of your grenade launcher may be limited, there are many situations for which it�s the perfect option. One use of your grenade launcher is for short to long-range suppressive cover fire. If you have to get your squad across an area with no cover, having one or more people shooting that many BBs at one time will keep the enemy suppressed and discourage them from trying to fire upon your team. Another great use is when you have someone pinned inside of a building. You can blast the exterior walls with grenade rounds. Hearing that many BBs hit a wall when hunkered down for cover can be very demoralizing. When selecting your airsoft grenade launcher, you want to know how you plan to use it. For cover fire, you�ll want to have a multi-round launcher. This will ensure that you can send enough BBs to keep your troops covered. Having multiple people firing would be even better. If you�ll be using your grenade launcher for the demoralizing factor, you can use single shot varieties. Most airsoft players that see the tactical value of a grenade launcher will have a standalone multi-round launcher in addition to an under-gun mounted launcher so that they are prepared for any situation where suppressive fire is needed.

Mortar launchers often confuse new airsoft players. We�re used to seeing BBs flying everywhere. The mortar launcher fires a single shell and once it lands nothing happens. Mortar launchers are best used in an airsoft event with vehicles and for clearing buildings as efficiently as possible. With vehicles, often the rules are that the first shot disables the vehicle and the second destroys it. If anyone is in the vehicle when the second round hits it, they are considered dead. When you�re trying to clear a building, shoot a mortar in through a window. In most airsoft games that allow mortars, this counts all occupants of the room or building to be considered out as well.