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Airsoft Accessories

Whether you need targets, bipods, scope mounts, mines, speed loaders or, any other airsoft accessories, has what you’re looking for. If you prefer paper targets, trap targets, or sticky targets, we have them all. offers targets that will get you prepared for the zombie apocalypse or practice for your next event. We also have BB accessories of every kind too. Whether it’s a speed loader or a BB holder that can be used in a tactical situation you’re looking for, we have it. Bipods and vertical grips are essential to keeping a steady hand to fire straight and true every time, and we have a huge variety to ensure that the one you want is available. Do you want to know the feet per second or rate of fire? has several styles of chronographs to put your airsoft gun to the test. carries sound grenades, BB grenades, mines, pins, tripwires, shells, and much more! No matter what type of airsoft gun you own, has exactly what oils and grease you need. We also have mounting hardware for scopes, helmet screw replacements, helmet lanyards, and everything else you want. At, we pride ourselves on having everything you’ll ever need, so our list of accessories goes on and on. Make sure you check out all of the sections within our accessories or use the search above to find what you’re looking for.

Accessories in an Airsoft Event

As simple as it sounds, the best advice to start off with is to make sure you take everything you need. We’ll go over a lot of the required items that are a minimum to take to an event, but there are going to be other things that you may want to contemplate yourself.

Every airsoft player really needs to take a small, manually operated speed loader for each of the airsoft guns that they take to that event. You don’t want to use a battery operated speed loader, because if the batteries die you’ll be left manual loading your BBs. This can cause serious tactical issues in the middle of an event. Additionally, don’t take your BBs in a bag. Take them in some kind of container that will allow for secure transportation and easier reloads.

Even though it sounds obvious enough, make sure you take your bipod for any airsoft gun that requires it. If you use vertical grips, bring those too. If you’re used to shooting with these items and don’t have them, it is likely your shots will be way off.

As far as grenades and mines go, the first thing you need to find out is if the event you’re going to allows any of these items. Most major events have some level of restriction on items like this. Before you waste weight carrying them around in the field, make sure you can use them.

Even though you should oil and grease the components of your gun as necessary, don’t forget to take some with you. One of your squad mates may have neglected to do so themselves, which puts everyone in the squad at risk. Additionally, you should oil your airsoft gun routinely during an outdoor event because of the dirt and grime that will accumulate. If it’s an indoors/CQC event, you may not have to as often. Make sure to keep your airsoft gun oiled and well lubricated.