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Airsoft Lubrication Oils and Greases

All airsoft guns need to have at least a little maintenance done to them regularly to ensure that that they function properly. Even a simple spring gun should have the slide and hop up lubricated occasionally. Maintenance becomes much more important for AEG, Gas, and CO2 airsoft guns. Without proper maintenance, there is a possibility of your gun failing you during an event causing costly damages. In your AEG, you’ll want to make sure that the gears, piston, and cylinder assembly stay properly lubricated. In gas and CO2 guns, you’ll want to do the same with the O rings and all moving parts. Make sure that you’re using the right grease or oil for the right application. There are several different kinds and you wouldn’t want to damage your airsoft gun by taking short cuts. If you need help with finding the right lubrication, feel free to email us for assistance.