How do I return an item?

We here at airrattle apologize if you are having any issues at all with your purchase from us.

Airsoft Gun Return/Exchange Policy

All Airsoft guns being returned or exchanged MUST be in resellable condition. Therefore, an Airsoft gun being returned must be in brand new and unused condition. Meaning it has no signs of use or attempted use, modifications, or signs of attempted change (i.e., removal or modification of orange tip flash hider, installation of internal and external parts). Airsoft guns must be returned with all included accessories, merchandise tags, factory stickers, logos still attached, and factory packaging fully intact. Any merchandise that is reported and/or determined to not be in this condition will not be granted return within our 30-day return policy.

Airsoft guns that do not perform up your level of expectation are not a defect and are will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We don't guarantee groupings, accuracy, or FPS.

Airsoft guns that do not fall within the above criterium are fully warrantied directly through the manufacturer, and the customer will be responsible for handling the product directly with the respected brand.

If you are new or fairly new to airsoft please read the following:

Airsoft guns are fun but definately not toys! These bad boys are complex and complicated working machines with complex mechanical and electrical systems! Many gun issues to newer airsofters may appear to be defects, but more than likely your gun just needs a normal and routine maintenance adjustment. These normal maintenance adjustments (as listed below) are part of owning your airsoft gun and will need to be done from time to time. Please read the information below for these normal maintenance adjustments that will help you understand your gun better while saving wasted time in returning it and/or wasted money on return shipping and tech fees for non-covered general maintenance issues.

Your Gun Does Not Make Any Sound At All When The Trigger Is Pulled:

Please, make sure your battery is connected and charged, the safety is off. Squeeze the trigger, no noise not even in a faint click in the pistol grip? Then, Please replace the fuse. This is a common problem of airsoft guns, and should be the first place you check when beginning airsoft maintenance. Find the fuse on the wire you connect the battery with. Open the fuse holder, and see if the thin piece of metal is broken. If it is, buy a new fuse with the same rating (20A Generally). Fuses can be found for around 25 cents at local hardware stores.

Gun Making A Faint Clicking/Loud Grinding or Screeching Noise:

Please check the motor height adjustment. The little screw that adjusts the position that your motor sits on and aligns with the gearbox has gotten loose. There will be a small screw dead smack in the middle on the bottom of the pistol grip (handle). Most likely if you're hearing a grinding sound your motor is loose. Turn the screw a little to the right and fire a shot in semi. If it sounds better but not quite solid, give it another small turn. Be careful not to over-tighten or else you will put too much stress on your gears, pinion head, and motor, and something can break or burn out. If you are over tightened than the gun will not fire or make any noise but a faint click in the handle. Turn to the left a little at a time until your aeg fires normally. Never pull the trigger more than once to test your adjustment until correct align has been made.

Gun Is Firing But No BB's Are Coming Out:

Please begin by seeing if your gun will fire upside down with the magazine properly loaded and inserted into your gun (be sure to wind high-cap mags after magazine is inserted into gun). If the gun does fire upside down only, then the magazine is the source of your problem. Email us back and notify us of this result.

Another magazine tip is: Properly load Your magazines with BBs, and release them by pulling the tiny lever at the feeding end. If it does not shoot bb's outwards, try adding silicon oil to the inside, or blowing the insides out with pressurized air. Some airsoft magazines can also be opened up to be cleaned and repaired.

Before continuing, make sure your hop-up is not turned up too much. If it is, loosen the hop-up so that the BB has room to get through into the barrel. Turn the hop-up off to make sure it is not the problem.

Be sure the BBs you are using are high quality. Troubleshooting is pointless if you are using cheap BBs. Do not use BB's purchased at supermarkets or large chain sporting goods stores. Only order high quality, polished BBs from reputable airsoft stores like

If you have a jam, remove the magazine from the gun and set it aside. By using a straightened coat hanger or unjamming rod the round or rounds can be removed. Slide rod down the front end of the barrel towards the action. If you cannot see the tip of your rod poking out it is jammed. Proceed to push jam till it falls out of the magazine breech way. Be careful not to damage the rubber gasket at the end of the barrel before the action, so stay center on the bb.

Video Guide for High Capacity Magazine:

Your Gas Magazine Is Leaking:

If your gas magazine is leaking it likely just needs the O-Rings refreshed. Apply a drop of Pure Silicone Oil into the magazine release valve and then fill the magazine. Repeat no more than twice to prevent damage. If the magazine still leaks you may need to tighten the fill valve at the bottom of the magazine.

Please check out our guide to properly caring for and extending the life of your AEG airsoft gun. This article will help to keep your item in top working condition.

Contact Us:

If the general maintenance adjustments above did not solve your gun's issue than please read our Policies Page, and please contact our friendly customer service for more information on returning an item at: [email protected]