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Alabama Airsoft Fields

Apache Tactical Airsoft

This four-acre field in Huntsville, Alabama, is a perfect place for your CQB games. They offer rental equipment and have availability for birthday parties and other event rental. Special events are hosted, including MilSim and zombie apocalypse scenarios. Open play is every Saturday, which has a low full-day fee.

Battlegrounds Airsoft

Based in Irondale, Alabama, Battlegrounds Airsoft offers a 15,000 Square Foot indoor arena. Weekdays are available for private reservations (birthdays, corporate, etc.). Rental equipment is available and open play every weekend. This venue is used for military and law enforcement training, as well as airsofters from all over the state.

Ridgeline Airsoft Airsoft Field

A great outside airsoft field located in Springville, Alabama that gives players two fields to choose from. This field provides rentals and some amazing game play! The first field has a very big and open feel to it as to run your way to the enemies base!