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California Airsoft Fields

ARC Airsoft

ARC Airsoft consists of 15 fields over 43 acres near Hollister, California. The landscape is largely woodland, and in some areas gets thick with brush and grass, due to its low-lying landscape. The arena is broken up by multiple CQB areas, as well. They host multiple events every month, and their location near the Monterey Bay allows for a year-round climate, in which you'll feel comfortable playing. This set of fields, which is almost entirely run by military veterans, is consistently rated as one of the best in the state.

Code Red Airsoft Park

Code Red Airsoft Park in Colton, California specializes in MilSim scenarios and training for Southern California. They also host zombie apocalypse events for anyone interested in playing scenarios with more of a sci-fi feel to them. They have both day and night events, and once scheduled, bad weather isn't enough to keep this group down. There are also full tactical training courses available at Code Red. There is a requisite class on airsoft pistol and rifle handling prior to advancing to any of the other classes. Each lasts from 8 to 20 hours. Upon completion of each course, you get a certificate in your training as well.

Ivy Ridge

Ivy Ridge is a sprawling, 170-acre field near Salinas, California. Though there are no buildings for CQB-style simulations, the size itself is a major draw to all who attend. The space provided allows for massive games, multiple teams, and almost unlimited possibilities for scenarios. Reviews come in mixed on this field, because of the lack of CQB areas. The huge woodland area gives plenty of cover and a lot of opportunity to play scenarios you would have a difficult time playing anywhere else.

Jericho Airsoft

Jungle Island is known for both its paintball and airsoft fields. There are four designated airsoft fields run by Jericho Airsoft, with 11 additional fields for paintball. No matter what style of fighting you prefer or what scenario type you're looking for, Jericho Airsoft has what you're looking for. They have got huge events, with numbers close to 400 players. This park has the highest aggregate rating of all airsoft fields in California. If you enjoy fast-paced gameplay, organized flow between games, and diversity in the scenarios you play, Jungle Island is the place for you to be.

Patriot Airsoft

Patriot Airsoft has is a massive 12,000 square foot indoor airsoft arena that has everything you could want in a CQB situation. There are buildings to engage from and cars to take cover behind. If you're looking to play with fewer players, which can make for great practice, going during the week would be your best bet. If you want to play with 100 or more, then the weekends are when you want to be there. Though this field deals mostly with Open Play, you can reserve it for a group, a birthday party, or even a Nerf party.

Sequoia Airsoft

At Sequoia Airsoft field, they have a massive battle every two weeks. Located only 45 minutes out of San Jose, it's the largest, and most well-known airsoft field in the California Bay Area. When open, they will play multiple scenarios throughout the day, each lasting approximately 60 minutes. Directions to the field are made available upon registration for an event, as it's a closed field. If you're looking for a great time running multiple scenarios, Sequoia Airsoft is a great place to go.

Tac City Airsoft

Tac City Airsoft has two locations in the Los Angeles area. Tac City North is in Irwindale, California, and Tac City South in Fullerton. With over 60,000 square feet between the two indoor arenas, they are one of the premier CQB fields in the state of California. They offer open play almost every day of the week, and offer deals for military veterans, and law enforcement on Sundays.

US Airsoft World

US Airsoft World is a 10-acre field in Anderson California that adds some great variations on the scenarios that you're used to playing. They have scenarios that range from your standard Capture the Flag to Broken Arrow and Nuclear Plant Shutdown. As a statement of how great of a field this is, there are over 20 teams that call US Airsoft World their home field. This location also boasts itself as the first field to do statistical tracking and leaderboards in the airsoft community.

Warped Ops

Located just off of Interstate 5 on Ridge Route Rd, in Castaic, California, this sprawling field is one of the premier MilSim airsoft arenas in the state. The last Sunday of each month, they host a massive MilSim event, often hosting over 100 players. They also host night games on a regular basis. You can show up to this field for open play on Saturdays and Sundays, or even rent out the whole field for a group of ten or more.

California Airsoft Teams

Team AWS

With California airsoft being as competitive as it is, Team AWS stand out as a group that is all about having fun. Even with that being said, they still are striving to make airsoft a more mainstream sport, which helps to legitimize the efforts that everyone puts into this sport.

Arctic Foxx Airsoft

Blue Foxx is a fairly new team out of Santa Maria, California, that is still looking for new members to add to their roster. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a new team, get in touch with Blue Foxx.

Delta Company Airsoft Team

Delta Company Airsoft Team is a group of devoted MilSim operators that beyond age, has only one requirement - your ability to work as a team player. As it stands now, they will issue you a uniform at the time that you get accepted into the group. If you're in the Santa Barbara, California, area, and dedicated to MilSim, contact the Delta Company Airsoft Team.

Task Force Sierra

If you're looking for a new team that's heavy into MilSim in Southern California, then Task Force Sierra could be the team for you. They're still building their initial crew, which would make this the perfect time to join.

California Airsoft Events

Operation Lion Claws

Operation Lion Claws is the premier event for the organizers of the same name. This is an annual event, held in Victorville, California.

War of Angels

The War of Angels event is held annually at the now-decommissioned Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark by Operation Lion claws.

Camp Wolverine

In Hesperia, California, there is an annual training event, called Camp Wolverine, organized by Operation Lion Claws.