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Michigan Airsoft Fields


Futureball is a paintball and airsoft park in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, which has a humongous 115 acres where you can take part in your favorite extreme sport. With 14 fields, which include urban, jungle, and their own Tombstone City, Futureball has exactly what you're looking for, no matter what that may be. It's also a great place to rent for any kind of event, with over five acres of picnic areas, which includes pavilions and seating.

Kalamazoo Airsoft

With over 66,000 square feet of area, in Kalamazoo Airsoft's indoor/outdoor airsoft field, most scenarios are full of non-stop action. With open play every Friday through Sunday, and rental available any time, this field is great for all airsofters in the Kalamazoo Area.

Michigan Airsoft Teams

Ghost of Michigan Airsoft

The Ghost of Michigan Airsoft Team is a new team based in the areas of Howell, Brighton, Pinckney, and Gregory, Michigan. If you're in any of these surrounding counties in Michigan, and want to be in on the ground floor of a team that is going to be heavy into MilSim and casual play, then Michigan Ghosts may be the one for you.

Michigan Airsoft Events

Blacksheep MilSim - Camp Grayling

Blacksheep MilSim is known throughout the United States as the premier MilSim event organizer. With their Pathfinder event at Camp Grayling in 2014, they are expanding their reach and breadth of events. This event is held at a brand new, multi-million-dollar CACTF, which was built specifically for U.S. Army infantry training. It's a 24-hour event that will test you in every way possible and leave you with memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.